Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcome, Kathryn J. Bain & Catch Your Breath!

I'd like you all to meet Kathryn J. Bain - an author of incredible Christian suspense with Harbourlight Books! Be sure to drop a comment - Kathryn has graciously donated an e-copy of her new release, Catch Your Breath to be awarded to one lucky commenter!!

Kathryn J. Bain has been writing for over ten years now. She has two daughters, one a professional photographer, the other a student the University of West Florida. She is the President of Florida Sisters in Crime and the Public Relations Director for Ancient City Romance Authors.

She enjoys critiquing for the new members of American Christian Fiction Writers. To survive and pay bills, she has been a paralegal for approximately twenty years and works for an attorney who specializes in guardianships, probate, and estate planning. She moved from Idaho to Jacksonville, Florida in 1983 and has lived in the sunshine since.

Now that you know the basics, let's get to know her even better - and discover the inside scoop about her writing career!

What inspired you to write Catch Your Breath? What drove its creation?

Catch Your Breath is actually the sequel to my first book Breathless. That particular book was inspired by the Toby Keith song "God Love Her". I liked the idea of the Bible on the motorcycle so much, it became a whole book.

What’s a typical writing day like for you?
I get up at 5:30, exercise, shower, and then write from about 6:30 – 7:15 a.m. I work as a paralegal during the day but when I get home, I do things regarding my writing, i.e. marketing, revisions, etc., until 7:00. I then take the rest of the night off and read or watch TV. My writing time ends when Judge Judy comes on.

When did you realize you were called to be a writer?

About ten years ago as I was watching something on television, I thought that I could do better shows. I kept getting ideas so I started writing them down. When I first wrote, it was a screenplay, but I discovered you really had to live in Los Angeles to make it. I like Florida and didn’t want to move. Then I decided to do children’s books because it shouldn’t be too hard to write thirty pages. I got a big lesson there. Finally someone said to write what you read. I love suspense and mystery. And here we are today.
What are you currently reading?

I’m reading Killjoy, a suspense book by Julie Garwood.

What’s item number one on your bucket list?

I want to go to the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) championships in Las Vegas. Love those cowboys.

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Chocolate, ice cream, cookies. And if you mix it all together, it’s really comforting.

What’s coming up next for you?

I have a book titled Beautiful Imperfection that should be coming out next year. In that book, my heroine is dealing with the aftermath of breast cancer and a killer.

Where and how can folks connect with you?

My website is, or you can e-mail me at I’m also on Facebook at
Stop by and friend me. I always have a giveaway when a new book comes out.
So, now that you've met this charming and talented lady, are you ready? Here's a glimpse of her new release, Catch Your Breath!

Calley Regan only wants to get through her cousin’s bridal shower without anyone discovering her secret—she’s pregnant. Her sanctimonious family would never understand. Then the one person she confides in happens to tell the incredibly handsome, but seriously uptight, sheriff, Riley Owens—who’s just given her a speeding ticket! How can she trust the brooding, inflexible lawman when he’s everything she’s not?

Riley Owens is instantly attracted to Calley Regan, but it won’t come to anything. For years, he’s lived mired in guilt, and carefree Calley is his polar opposite. But, when someone attacks Calley, Riley is determined to protect her no matter what it takes, and when her family deserts her, he takes Calley into his home. Years ago, he couldn’t save the woman he loved. He’s not about to let that happen again.

Here's the link to purchase - ENJOY!

Kathryn, thank you so much for being my guest, and good luck to those visiting today - you'll be entered in a drawing to win an electronic copy!



  1. What a great interview!! Love that she loves cowboys, chocolate, and enjoys reading Julie Garwood another author that I love to read!! Ohhhhhh Catch Your Breath sounds like something that I am going to love reading... Thanks ladies for this wonderful excerpt from her book as well as finding out more about Kathryn... Please enter me...

    Julie Lippo

    1. Thanks Julie and good luck in the drawing.

    2. Julie, thanks for stopping by! :-) <3 Good luck in the drawing, and I'm so glad you enjoy Kathryn's blurb and interview. She's a doll. Blessings!

  2. I have had the pleasure of a pre-read on this one and it's a great book. I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Great job, Kathryn!

    1. Thanks Mary. I'm glad you enjoyed it. You also have a new book out, I believe. Hehe. Nice promo, huh?

    2. I can't wait to read it!!! I'm on what I like to refer to as a "spine tingling suspense" kick in my reading right now. LOL!! Blessings, Mary - so glad you stopped by. :-)

  3. Kathryn - Can't wait to read your book. I couldn't help but laugh when you mentioned PBR! My son is a bullfighter and worked a PBR in California. (He learned the trade from his dad.)Go rough and tumble cowboys!

    1. It's the best sport out there. The bull has an even chance. (Okay a better than even chance.) Thanks for stopping by Davalyn.

  4. I look forward to reading this, knowing I'll be breathless waiting so see what comes next.

  5. I enjoyed the interview, ladies as well as learning more about you latest release!

    Wishing you the best~

  6. Thank you JoAnn for stopping by.

  7. Kathryn, congrats on this terrific sounding books. And the next one with the breast-cancer survivor heroine is already touching my heart. Oh, and I love cowboys, too. I echo Davalyn.

    God bless and good luck!

    P.s. Hi Marianne! <3

    1. How can you not love a cowboy? I'm glad you stopped by Tanya, and good luck on the drawing.