Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm fairly new to the world of e-publishing, and the nuances of promoting an e-pub novel - but I'm trying to learn fast. This weekend I got my first review from a review site, and found out I was fortunate enough to win nomination in a book trailer award at (feel free to vote for Hearts Crossing, if you're so inclined!).

Anyway, I'm delighted by the review, and the trailer nomination - but the trailer nod made me think. Naturally, the most important thing, to me, about Hearts Crossing is what's between its covers, not just the way it's promoted. After all, solid writing is what's going to win reader's hearts and loyalty - nothing else. And that's exactly what I want - to touch souls and bring them closer to God by the power of (what I pray will be!) a great, romantic story.

Still, I got to thinking about trailers, and their impact on whether or not I'll read a book, or see a movie. And I have to say, this self-analysis led me to realize, trailers pack a lot of punch! My most current favorite, and the movie I simply "MUST" see once it comes out, based solely on the trailer, is "Letters to Juliet"

The romance writer in me cannot wait to see this movie. Meantime, the realist in me wonders: Will it live up to what seems to be an incredible, heart-touching love story? I sure do hope so!! It hooked me in. I'll be gonig to see that movie the weekend it releases....based solely on the power of its trailer. Now that's impact.

How about you? What do you think??? What are your thoughts/opinions? I'm eager to know!
Now to the good stuff!! A promo of my own to hopefully entice you to read Hearts Crossing and follow my progress via this blog!
Leave a comment and become a follower of this blog and you'll be entered to win a gorgeous print edition of Hearts Crossing from White Rose Publishing! It's just that easy. Comment, follow, then you're in the drawing! The winner will be announced on Friday the 26th - and hopefully I'll have good news to share about the trailer competition at YGR! :-)