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Christmas Extravaganza Reviews - Part 2!

If you're like me, you can't get enough of Christmas! That in mind, I'm delighted to bring you round two of my peek into the Christmas Extravaganza from Pelican Book Group. Check out these titles, available to you during the month of December for just $1.00 each! What a bargain, and what great stories! Go shopping at http://www.pelicanbookgroup.com and ENJOY!

Christmas Forever – Robin Bayne

Jason hasn't seen Cami in three years. Now she's back, with the son he'd wanted to claim as his own. Can he believe her newly found faith or will she desert him, and God, again?

Finding your way to a new life, and rediscovering the love you lost. Those elements form the backbone of some of my favorite stories! If you feel the same, then you’re going to love Christmas Forever by Robin Bayne. It’s a gem of a novella full of the beauty of the season! Cami is a prodigal, heading home. Jason is the one she left behind—the one who has been in love with her forever. Can they find their way back? Is their love meant to be? Pick up a copy of Christmas Forever and find out! Robin Bayne’s story won’t disappoint!

She Came to See the Snow – Mary Annslee Urban

Haley Blackwell travels to Colorado with plans to relive her favorite childhood memories—including a snowy Christmas. When she meets her grandparents’ neighbor, she finds herself yearning for more than a white Christmas, but trusting men has never been easy for Haley.

After a failed marriage, and the death of his ex-wife, Tate Rivers is determined to concentrate on raising his preschool daughter, Ashlyn, and to stay clear of another relationship. He doubts he can ever trust his heart to another woman—until he meets Haley.

Despite the weather forecast that does not include snow on Christmas Day, Ashlyn prays that God will give Haley the desires of her heart. Will Haley realize Tate isn’t a man who will abandon those he loves, and will they be able to push aside the past and step forward together in love—the way God desires?


From deepest pain the greatest joy can bloom—by the grace of God, and if we allow ourselves to accept that gift. I love that aspect of Mary Annslee Urban’s story, She Came to See the Snow. This novella features true-to-life characters who face true-to-life situations. Realism in Christian fiction is something that tends to either turn me on to a story, or make me set it aside. Haley and Tate took hold of my heart and this lovely, well-written romance won me as a reader. Grab a copy, and enjoy!

Ransomed Hope – Deborah Pierson Dill

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick…

Seventeen years ago, Ashley Turner lost her father as well as Manuel Vega, the man she loved. Since then, she’s been trying to make the best of a bad situation. Now a widow, burdened with the alcoholic brother who bankrupted the family ranch, and days from foreclosure, she’s beyond hoping for her situation to improve. Ashley knows God allows adversity for a reason, but she can’t begin to comprehend the purpose in her troubles.

“…But a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

When Manuel makes good on his promise to return after having been harshly turned out so many years ago, Ashley dares to hope that all is not lost. His intention is not to rescue her, however, but to pursue revenge for past wrongs. He soon discovers that his hardened heart is no match for her renewed hope.


This beauty from ashes story was a wonderful read! Captivating! Ashley and Manuel are characters you cheer for through all the messy circumstances life can sometimes stir up. Hope, fear, wistfulness and FAITH – all four of these elements create the tapestry of a story that is sure to be on your keeper shelf. Way to go, Deborah!!!

As You Are at Christmas – Davalynn Spencer

Angela Murphy’s plans for a cozy Colorado Christmas shatter when she finds her fellow-teacher boyfriend entangled with another woman. But she goes home anyway—to her grandmother Mollie’s Berthoud Boarding House where she’s forced into tasks with Mollie’s handsome new boarder, Matt Dawson.

While temporarily rooming at the boarding house until his new furnace arrives, Matt sees through Mollie’s manipulations to pair him with her granddaughter, but he can’t complain about spending time with the beautiful gray-eyed school teacher and the mangy stray they pick up on their way home from cutting a Christmas tree. In the company of both a beauty and a beast, Matt understands more clearly the words of a long-forgotten youth leader.

Will those words draw him back to a long-forgotten God? And will Angela find that home lies not in the Victorian house of her childhood, but in the arms of the man she’s grown to love?


Sweet touches of humor and love as tender as an evening snowfall make this novella sparkle! Davalynn Spencer is a new-to-me author and I can’t wait for her next release. This story featured not just a winsome hero and heroine but a match-making grandmother who’s totally endearing! I love watching two faith-filled people triumph in love over the obstacles in their lives…even when that romance needs a bit of a kick-start in order to flourish.  ::wink!:: Kudos, Davalynn!!

Breath of Christmas - EA West

When Esther Beauchamp agrees to drive a snowmobile during the Santa Snow Challenge, she expects a problem-free weekend of transporting snowboarders. What she gets is the task of transporting a single snowboarder and babysitting his service dog while he’s on the slope.

Robbie Kendrick is instantly attracted to the pretty staffer who volunteered to help him during the competition. While she’s clueless about asthma, he appreciates her efforts to understand how it affects him and his snowboarding. Best of all, she treats him like a man who isn’t disabled and gets along great with his medical alert dog.

But when Robbie’s ability to compete is called into question, is it in God’s plan for him to give up the career he loves, or will his competitive spirit cause him to lose his chance at a future with Esther?

There is something so beautiful about the way EA West creates her stories. They tug on the heart, they depict realistic characters, and I love the unique circumstances and fresh plots she develops. EA keeps me turning the pages because I never quite know how she’s going to “pull it off” in the end. Invariably, however, there is satisfaction, joy, and hope in the pages of her stories. Breath of Christmas is no different, and it’s such a wonderful holiday treat. Grab a copy!


One Christmas Eve – Robin Patchen

Movie star Blake Carmichael found more than just freedom from his drug addiction in rehab. He found God. And he has just one wish for the first Christmas of his new life: reconciliation with his teenage son, Eli. But after eight years of hardly hearing from Blake, Eli wants nothing to do with his father. So when his mother forces Eli to stay with Blake during the Christmas holidays, Eli sneaks out of the house.

From the New Hampshire seacoast to the dangerous streets of Boston, Blake searches for his son, desperate to protect Eli from sins Blake knows all too well. But even if he finds his son, will he ever be able to convince Eli of his love?

I love stories that portray real redemption. I love stories that portray flaws that are identified and overcome (both themes give hope to us all, yes?). Robin Patchen hits the mark with deft writing and smart plotting on her debut, One Christmas Eve. Sometimes we have to *keep* overcoming our sins because of the perceptions they create. Sometimes we have to ask for forgiveness when we jump to erroneous conclusions. How beautiful that grace that leads to love, hope and reclamation! Bravo, Robin.

A Christmas Homecoming – MaryAnn Diorio

Seven Christmases have passed since Sonia Pettit last heard from her daughter Jody. Since Jody’s departure, Sonia’s world has been turned upside down. Her husband has died of a broken heart, and her son, bitter over his sister’s destructive actions, has become rebellious.

Her greatest desire is to have her family together at Christmas, but after what Jody has put them all through, can Sonia truly forgive her daughter?

Jody Pettit O’Dair ran away to experience a life of adventure and excitement, but since her departure, her world has been turned upside down. She’s been abandoned by the man she met and married, lost her job, and is unable to care for her two children. With nowhere else to turn, this prodigal daughter begins the long journey home and prays she will be welcomed after walking away so long ago.

Will Jody find forgiveness in the arms of her family as easily as she received it from God?


Do you love stories about redemption and finding your way to faith, love and home? That’s part of what makes Christmas such a magical time of year, isn’t it? Restoration? The love of God? Christ’s birth in spirit and truth shining through tribulation and sin? Second chances? This offering from MaryAnn Diorio features all of that and more. This novella packs tremendous punch, and I highly recommend! It’ll restore your belief in second chances for everyone!

Whew! What a line up!!! In conclusion, and just in time for your Christmas enjoyment, I'll be posting reviews for three concluding selections of the PBG Extravaganza! Stay tuned for more great book offerings, and happy reading!!


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A Review Extravaganza!!

Pelican Book Group has kicked off its annual "Christmas Extravaganza!" That means you can purchase absolutely fabulous novellas for a dollar each through the month of December. You might call it PBG's Christmas gift to you--a wealth of romance full of Christmas cheer at a price that's such a bargain!

To get the festivities started, I want to key you in on some of the books, what they're about, and let you know what I thought of them. That's right - it's a review extravaganza, and I hope you run out and grab your copy today! To purchase, simply visit: http://www.pelicanbookgroup.com Happy shopping!

By the way, I'm part of the fun with what I like to call my "London Romance" - Finding Home! Join me at Harrods for tea, and Trafalgar Square for caroling! Share a romantic sunset walk with my hero and heroine, Peter and Lexie, as they wander a bridge over the river Thames. I believe even Dickens would approve!

Here's more to savor:

Angel Song – Mary Manners

Down on her luck, college-educated art teacher Quinn Sanders is a single mom who's returned to Landers Hollow to raise her five-year-old daughter, Linsey. While working at the local diner, Quinn is befriended by Jason Graves. She has no idea Jason's the youth director of Landers Hollow Community Church until he asks her to lend a hand with the children's Christmas pageant.

Jason is dealing with issues of his own--a painful divorce following a doctor's confirmation that he'll never be able to father a child. Jason longs for a family of his own, but, rejected and disheartened, fears it may never come to pass.

Jason and Quinn are both searching for a Christmas miracle. What they find is sweeter than an angel's song.


Mary Manners is a “must buy” for me because her books never disappoint. Her proven talent for blending joy, tears, heart ache and a faith-filled hope shines bright in the pages of Angel Song. Quinn and Jason (and Linsey, too – the little pixie!) absolutely won my heart, but that’s Mary Manner’s gift—pulling on your heart strings while shining God’s love in her stories. Kudos, Mary! Another winner!

Everybody Loves Mickey – Therese Travis

He’s a saint with a tarnished halo, and Aubrey Thomas can’t stand him…or can she?

Handsome fireman, Mickey Hurst is loved by all. He volunteers at the local parish where Aubrey Thomas works as an administrator. He sings in the choir. He leads the youth group. He even acts as the church handyman, but Aubrey knew him before he became Saint Mickey—when he told her he’d have to be drunk to kiss her…and he was. What’s so infuriating is that despite his horrible admission, Aubrey loves Mickey as much as everybody else.

Mickey doesn’t blame Aubrey for disliking him. After all, he kissed her when he wasn’t sober—and insulted her, to boot. Aubrey deserved a better man—a Godly man. But, since that fateful kiss, Mickey’s drawn closer to the Lord. With the intercession of God and the matchmaking parish staff, Mickey prays that this Christmas he will be able to prove to Aubrey he’s now the man for her.


What impressed me most about the novella Everybody Loves Mickey is the realistic and dimensional way Ms. Travis creates her characters. With a deft hand at description and plot, she draws us into the world of two opposed characters – one with a tainted past, another operating on the assumption that, pardon the cliché, ‘leopards just might not change their spots…’ The end result is a Christmas story full of magic, and redemption. Enjoy!!

An Aussie Christmas Angel – Clare Revell

On an extended holiday from the UK, John Connington finds himself in Sydney, Australia with no lodging, and only a telephone number from a friend-of-a-friend offering him a place to stay. Trusting that God knows what He’s doing, John makes the call.

Jo Heywood can’t believe the audacity of John Connington, yet when her flat mate knows of this obscure offer, there's nothing Jo can do. She’s not prepared for the avalanche of feelings this stranger elicits. Not impressed by God’s sense of humour, Jo fights how she feels.

Can a long distance relationship really work or is God just testing them both?


Most folks know I’m a fan of Clare Revell’s. She’s a remarkable author with a fabulous repertoire of Christian romantic suspense novels. However, this time she offers us a trip to the land down under rather than a dose of murder and mayhem. She takes us to Australia, and treats us to the charming love story of Jo and John – a pair who are destined to be together, despite horrendous logistics and questions about how they can blend the lives they’ve created on separate sides of the globe. This story resounded with faith, hope and romance. Can long-distance relationships work? Read An Aussie Christmas Angel and find out for yourself! Bravo, Clare – great job!

Dr. Noah and the Sugar Plum Fairy – Carla Rossi

College senior and not-so-ex-ballerina Jane Trumbull is home for Christmas break. She welcomes the joyful chaos of a happy family holiday – then the rollercoaster of emotions begins.

Veterinarian Dr. Noah Barron hopes his return to Texas and his new clinic will help him forget about his dark days in California. But he can’t outrun unresolved issues and doesn’t know how lonely he really is – until he meets slightly clumsy Un-Plain Jane.

Can Jane and Noah learn to share who they really are and what they really want? And can they allow God to send joy after sorrow, hope for hidden dreams, and healing for past wounds?


I’m a Carla Rossi fan from way back. Her books are some of the first I ever read from White Rose Publishing, and spotting Carla’s talent is a large part of what made me want to write for this publisher. I figured, if WRP endorsed work this good, then I wanted to try to be part of their ranks as well!! She didn’t disappoint with her latest novella, a Christmas release that is sure to warm your heart, tickle your funny bone, and leave you sighing with delight. A charming plotline and delightful characters kept me turning the pages and left me bummed when the story came to an end, only because I wanted more! KUDOS, Carla – keep up the great work!

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe – JoAnn Durgin

Jacob Marston, Starlight, Iowa's hometown hero made a long-ago promise to the Lord: he won't kiss a woman until he knows she's "the one." Now at age twenty-eight, the rugged firefighter questions if it'll ever happen. Then, he meets his best friend's sister, and Jake believes he's found the woman of his dreams. But what will she think when she discovers his vow?

When Julia makes an unexpected confession on Christmas Day, Jake shares his secret with her, and it looks as though happily-ever-after will make a holiday appearance.

But somehow, everyone in the tiny town of Starlight learns Jake’s secret, and he's instantly transformed from town hero to laughingstock. Did Julia reveal his secret? Can Jake forget the humiliation and find his way under the mistletoe to share a forever kiss with Julia?


I love finding my way to new and talented authors! JoAnn Durgin is just such a recent discovery for me. With heart, wit, faith and hope, she develops a charming story of second chances driven by winsome characters wrapped by a plot that kept me turning the pages, eager to find out what happened next! I look forward to reading more from this gifted writer!

Southern Fried Christmas – Marian Merritt

Love: purer than Colorado snow, deeper than a Louisiana bayou.

The Colorado Rockies have always been home to journalist Kelly Shepherd, but after the death of her father, and facing her first Christmas alone, she accepts an assignment that leads her deep into Louisiana’s Cajun country.

Since his wife’s death, Denny Labouve has focused his attention on his ten-year-old daughter and the family business, but Kelly sparks the dying embers of his heart even as a Christmas cold front moves through his beloved Cajun country.

Will Denny and Kelly be able to trust God to bridge the span between the Colorado Rockies and the Louisiana bayou?


Marian Merritt is a ‘new to me’ author that has landed straight onto my ‘to buy list’ for subsequent releases. I can’t wait to read more from this talented author who has a beautiful way of capturing scene, setting, and dialogue. I felt like I was in N’Orleans for Christmas when I read her novella, Southern Fried Christmas (how awesome is that title?!?). Love lost, love found, and starting life anew form the backdrop of the story – and it’s one I highly recommend.
Those are the review to now - but stay tuned!! There are more to come. Pelican Book Group is jam-packed with Christmas gifts. In the days ahead, I look forward to sharing additional reviews and great books with you!!
Blessings ~

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A Warm Welcome to Patty Froese!

I'm delighted to introduce you to Patty Froese. Patty recently entered my world as a writer friend and I've quickly grown to admire her passion for the stories she writes! Her latest release is one that touches a chord in my heart because it deals with the topic of marriage. 

Let's find out more about her book, Legally Wed, as well as her thoughts on its creation:

Legally Wed was inspired by friends.

I put it out there on my Facebook fanpage, asking what my readers wanted to see me write. The feedback was unanimous--these women wanted to see a story about marriage, a story that started after the "I do" and dealt with real married people.

And that was the beginning of this novel, which follows two couples: one that was supposed to be divorced, and one that was supposed to be perfect.

Marriage is hard work--there's  no way around it. Falling in love is the easy part, but staying in love and growing closer and closer over the years involves careful decisions. We don't always make the right decisions, and sometimes one side of that marriage is more committed than the other. Life is never ideal and picture perfect simply doesn't exist.

So what happens when your husband leaves you for the brassy secretary? And what happens when a marriage you thought you'd put behind you ends up being not-so-over after all?

I'm thankful for the women who communicate with me while I write. Not only do they keep me company, but they inspire some great writing!

Come by and check out my latest novel, Legally Wed. I don't think you'll be disappointed.


When Rich McConaughey comes back to town, divorce papers in hand, he’s in for more than he bargained for. Lisa Young, the woman he was married to for six months, hasn’t changed a bit. His mother has though… she’s gone from matronly to meow, and his father has taken off with the secretary. Does anything last anymore?

Lisa Young feels chained to the hardware store her family has run for generations. How can she tell her father that she hates the family business? When Rich walks back into her store asking her to finalize a divorce she thought was behind her, she thinks that the answer is to sign on the dotted line and move on. Except, Rich isn’t making it so easy… and God has other plans.

For better or for worse, when you’re legally wed, things can get complicated.


Patty Froese lives in central Canada where the winters are long and cold--giving her excellent excuse to stay in and write without guilt. She's a tea drinker, a novel writer, an adoring wife and mom, and she's pretty sure she's a British person born in a shivering, Canadian body. She loves rain, royalty, pretty knick knacks and three square meals a day. No dieting here!
If you'd like to find her online, come by her blog: http://pattyfroese.com. She's also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pattyfroese, and whenever someone gives her a new like or follows her blog, she sighs in delight.

Legally Wed is her ninth novel to be released.



Congratulations on the release, Patty! I can't wait to grab a copy!

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Mosey on Down to Heart's Crossing Ranch With Tanya Hanson!

Please welcome back to the blog a treasured friend and multi-dimensional writer, Tanya Hanson. Tanya writes in a number of genres, but always with a flair, and passion, for all things western (and all things cowboy!) She's got something for everyone - what's not to love?

Let's find out about Tanya, her writing, and her latest release, book six in the Heart's Crossing Ranch series - Angel Child!
First off, Tanya, what inspired you to write this book? What drove its creation?

It’s the sixth in a series. When I was asked for synopses for stories about the eight siblings of a Colorado ranch, I knew one of them would feature a little boy who is challenged by Angelman Syndrome, as is my godson.

I think that's what so appealing about your writing, you've witnessed and/or lived through a number of the circumstances you depict in your stories. They're so real and engaging! What’s a typical writing day like for you?

After a career teaching high school English, where I knew every second of every day where I’d be, I now enjoy being a free spirit LOL. Hubby is retired, and he still likes to hang out with me, even doing mundane things like grocery shopping or gardening. I nearly lost him to testicular cancer, so time with him is extra-precious. When the weather’s nice, I take my laptop outside and write on the patio, usually in the afternoon. I am soooo not a morning person.

When did you realize you were called to be a writer?

I think I’ve been writing stories in my head ever since I learned words. But the key moment was reading Little Women when I was eight years old. I knew then I’d someday be a writer. However, I waited far too long to try--until the kids went off to college. Sheesh.

What are you currently reading?

After seeing David McCullough interviewed on Sixty Minutes recently, I realized I need to finish John Adams! After that, it’ll be time for Finding Home. I so love London, Christmas, and you! It’s like the trifecta!

Oh, you sweet thing - what a wonderful compliment coming from someone I respect and admire so much! Here's a toughie: What’s item number one on your bucket list?

Watching an eagle fly. I’ve seen two wounded eagles close up at a rescue zoo, and nesting in ricks along the highway in Wyoming during our city slicker wagon train trip, but I want to see one soaring through the clouds.

That sounds awesome!! What’s your favorite comfort food?

Banana bread. My gramma made it best. She is my personal hero, a truly good woman.

What's coming up next for you?

Western historical romance. I am finishing two series I have going at The Wild Rose Press. I love the Old West setting and have Kansas hometeaders in my blood. MyAncestry.com is going to keep me busy--my resolution for 2013. Then I will probably try self-publishing with a full-length western historical inspirational I’m finishing up.

You're a busy lady - and we'll have lots to look forward to! Yay! Where and how can folks connect with you?

And my Facebook Author Page: http://tinyurl.com/ak5xqb5

A web-friend is helping me design www.goodchristiancowgirls.com [withgirls plural] so maybe I’ll garner a group of western gals to follow me someday!

I'll be the first in line, Tanya! Now, let's take a closer look at Angel Child - those Martin brothers - they sure are spectacular!



Determined to get her life back on track, Mary Grace Gibson takes on a substitute-teaching job, grateful for the room and board offered at Hearts Crossing Ranch. The bustling family life helps her heal after abandonment by her ex. But her little boy’s serious disabilities make her cautious about revealing her secrets to anybody. Even Scott Martin, the handsome cowboy who’s fast stealing her heart.

Her former student now grown up, cowboy and graphic artist Scott Martin is instantly drawn to the beautiful single mom. She’s had some hard luck but never let go of her faith. Their age gap doesn’t fret him, and their kisses ignite his love. But as they fall for each other, Mary Grace’s lack of trust in him shatters his feelings, for he’s been down that broken trail before.


Tanya, congratulations on the release and God’s blessings on all that’s to come!! So glad you stopped by today!

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Meet Sharon Srock & The Women of Valley View

Sharon Srock lives with her husband, Larry, and two dogs in Rural Oklahoma. She is a mother, grandmother, and Sunday School teacher. Sharon has one and three-quarters jobs and writes in her spare time. Her favorite hobby is traveling with her grandchildren. She is a member of the ACFW and currently serves as treasurer for her local chapter. Sharon’s writing credits include numerous poems and short stories published in science fiction fanzines.

How much of yourself do you write into your characters?

I don’t, intentionally, write any of me into my characters. That doesn’t mean you won’t find a little piece of me in all of the women. Callie teaches Sunday school and loves her guacamole, Terri is looking for God’s will in her life and arguing the whole way, Pam is learning lessons in forgiveness. Yep, there I am.

When did you first discover that you were a writer?

Believe it or not, I went to bed one night, a normal person, and woke up the next morning determined to write a book. I know, now, where that came from. It was more than a little weird at the time.

Tell us the range of the kinds of books you enjoy reading.

I love a good courtroom drama. Fantasy when it’s well done. By well done, I mean it has to completely draw me into a different world. Mysteries, and Romantic suspense are devoured at my house like chocolate covered cherries.
What's the best writing advice you've ever received?
To find a good critique partner and learn to work with them. I have the best one in the world. I'm thankful beyond words that God matched us up when He did.
How do you keep your sanity in this crazy fast paced world of ours?

I guess I’m a product of our environment. I like being busy. Even on a vacation I have to consciously tell myself to slow down and enjoy the moment. Sanity…I’m a writer, that option took a hike a few years back.

What is the accomplishment of which you are most proud?

I’m going to assume you don’t mean raising terrific daughters.  Really? This book. Not just for the validation or a sense of “I can really do this”. But because I feel like it represent me, finally finding God’s place for me.

What is your favorite food?

I have two rules when I cook. If it’s sweet add chocolate. If it isn’t sweet add cheese.

What’s item number one on your bucket list?
I want to go to Australia. God willing, in a couple of years, I'll be in a position to do that. 2013 in a cruise with my youngest grandaughter. The last of the grandchild vacations. 2014 is the Alaskan cruise I'm dying to take. Both great things to look forward to, but Australia...That's the grand prize on my to do list.

Three dire circumstances. Three desperate prayers. One miracle to save them all.
Callie Stillman is drawn to the evasive girl who’s befriended her granddaughter, but the last time Callie tried to help a child, her efforts backfired. Memories of the tiny coffin still haunt her.
Samantha and Iris Evans should be worried about homework, not whether they can pool enough cash to survive another week of caring for an infant while evading the authorities.

Steve Evans wants a second chance at fatherhood, but his children are missing. And no one seems to want to help the former addict who deserted his family.

For Steve to regain the relationship he abandoned, for his girls to receive the care they deserve, Callie must surrender her fear and rely on God to work the miracle they all need.


Callie Stillman dabbed raindrops from her face with a linen napkin as Benton dodged a server with a loaded tray and took his place across from her. She smiled into her husband’s blue eyes and reached across to wipe water from his beard. “We’ll both have pneumonia if we don’t dry off soon.”
Benton took the napkin and finished the job. “I’ve been told the food is very good. A few sniffles should be worth it.”
Callie’s gaze roamed the room. “It’s…” Recognition slammed into her chest, forcing the air from her lungs. The man crossing the room behind her husband nodded and continued to his table. Was that the bailiff? Do you swear to tell the truth… She gulped for breath and fought the familiar darkness that crowded the edges of her vision.
Callie ran a finger around her collar, tugging the neck of the blouse away from skin suddenly dewed with a fine film of sweat. Too hot. She took a sip of water, dismayed at the tremor in her hand as she lifted the glass to her lips. Not here, not tonight. Callie closed her eyes and practiced the breathing techniques she’d learned over the last six months. In through her nose, hold for a few seconds, and out through her mouth. Concentrate only on the current step in the process, the next breath. The tightness in her chest began to fade away. Thank you, Jesus. She raised her water again and held the cold glass to her flushed cheek.

Leave your e-mail to be entered in a sensational gift basket giveaway. One comment equals one entry! The winner will be drawn November 19th! Good luck!! Also, if you'd like a PDF featuring excerpts from Callie and her second release in the Women of Valley View series, Terri, please click RIGHT HERE - it's sure to be an enticing treat.



Visit her BLOG at: http://www.womenofvalleyview.blogspot.com/
Connect with her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SharonSrock#!/SharonSrock
Follow her on Twitter:

Congratulations, Sharon, and God's blessings on the release of Callie! Thanks for joining me today!

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Tuesday's Child on Tuesday with the Fabulous Clare Revell!

It's always a great day of the week when Clare Revell stops by A Minute with Marianne! Why, you may ask? Because this talented author has crafted a book for each day of the week, based on the retelling of an old nursery rhyme. Tuesday's Child is now on book shelves, so let's find out more!

Clare lives in a small town in England with her husband, whom she married in 1992, and her three children. Writing from a early childhood and encouraged by her teachers, she graduated from rewriting fairy stories through fanfiction to using her own original characters and enjoys writing an eclectic mix of romance, crime fiction and children's stories. When she's not writing, reading, sewing or keeping house or doing the many piles of laundry her children manage to make, she's working part time in the breakfast club at one of the local schools.

She has been a Christian for more than half her life. She goes to Carey Baptist where she is one of three registrars.


Now, it's time to face the firing squad--better known as Marianne the Interviewer...

What inspired you to write this book? What drove its creation?

Tuesday’s Child was inspired by a prompt posted on the WRP blog – a child, a hat and a lightning storm. I’d also been watching a lot of Sue Thomas FBEye and wondered what writing a deaf heroine would be like. I did threaten to wear ear plugs in church, and despite getting Pastor James’s permission I didn’t do it.

What’s a typical writing day like for you?

I wake at midnight usually, get a couple hours in while there are no kids watching the TV. Though that doesn’t always work. Then up again at 6.30am for the day job (term time only). Home again by 9.30am and then write or edit until 3.30pm when the kids get in from school.  The word doc usually stays open til I finally crash about  9pm. I do housework, laundry, cooking etc in between, making sure I get up every half hour or so during the day. 

When did you realize you were called to be a writer?

I’ve always written. Going from rewrites of fairy stories to fan fic to original characters in fan fic to what I do now. If I don’t write the voices in my head are almost overwhelming.

What are you currently reading?

Right now I’m reading Devotion by Marianne Evans. Then it’ll be The Wisdom Tree by Mary Manners.

Aww, Clare, thank you for reading Devotion!!!  ::blush::
What’s item number one on your bucket list?

I’d like to see Niagara Falls. I love waterfalls and went to an amazing one in Scotland in August. I’ve also seen a lovely one in Wales.

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Chocolate ;-)

Me too, me too!!  What's coming up next for you?

Finishing writing Sunday’s Child – the last in the seven book series. Then it’s on to the two WIP’s I have part written in notebooks.  Both set in my fictional town of Headley Cross. One deals with the radio station and the other with a children’s home.

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Guilty of love in the first degree, a deaf witness who 'sees' the murders and a cop torn between doing his duty and going out in faith.

Tuesday's Child tenders direction...

Deaf from the age of five, Adeline Munroe operates a hospital for injured dolls, but lately her quiet life is disturbed by violent, haunting visions. Perhaps it's just her unspoken fear--a serial killer has struck in Headley Cross. But Adeline soon realizes she's seeing each murder just before they happen and reluctantly contacts the police.

Detective Sergeant Nate Holmes has enough to deal with between caring for his orphaned niece and his current assignment--the Herbalist killings, so when a woman comes forward who claims to be "seeing" the crimes in dreams, he isn't hopeful she'll be of any help. But he knows her from church, and she inexplicably describes how each crime is committed. Is God answering his prayers through Adeline?

Adeline assists the police, yet more women die and she becomes the prime target of the killer. Will Nate crack the case before the Herbalist can complete his agenda--or will the next murder Adeline foresees be her own?


All of Nate’s senses kicked into action, his copper’s antennae twitching.

She knew something, or at least thought she did.

“What is it?”

Adeline sucked her lower lip into her mouth, worrying it with her teeth. “This is going to sound stupid, but…” She took a deep breath. “I saw them. All of them. They all had their hair tied back or up.” She picked up the top clipping. “She was playing on a swing and wearing a red jacket. This one was walking the dog and wearing blue.”

Nate jolted as if he’d been struck by lightning. Those details hadn’t been released. Was he wrong about her? Was she somehow involved with the murders? “Wait  a minute. How did you know any of this?”

Adeline carried on speaking as she shifted through the papers. “She was on her way to dance class in pink. This one was jogging in a gray toweling track suit and the first one…”

Nate put a hand on her arm, cutting her off.

She jerked her head upwards in surprise.

He held her gaze. “How do you know all this?”

"I told you, I saw them.”







Enjoy, friends, and Clare, blessings to you, and much continued success!!