Friday, June 11, 2010

And the Winner Is.....

Mary McCall!

Mary, you've won an autographed, print edition of Hearts Crossing!! Look for an e-mail so we can exchange info!

To those who stopped by, and commented, both here and at the White Roses in Bloom Blog, I thank you for your support and encouragement. Hearing your stories and individual testimonies is a blessing.

Just days after my blog post, I received a completely unexpected but most welcomed Google alert that Long and Short Reviews had given Hearts Crossing a 4.5 Books rating! Amazing, from such a highly respected review site! Furthermore, I'm nominated for "Book of the Week!" Voting Starts Saturday, and I'll be posting links all over the place, so watch for it. I'd love to earn your vote!

Nice thing is, White Rose Publishing has TWO books in contention for Book of the Week at LASR - Hearts Crossing and Nicola Beaumont's fantastic kick-off to the WRP Christian Gothic line, a novella entitled: Into the Grae! I've read it, and it's fantastic. So, in honesty, I don't care who wins, but giving White Rose authors a strong vote of support would be just great.

I want to see the Inspys do well! There's so much hope and love to find out there in the genre of Christian Romance.

Thanks again, gang - and Blessings!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'll Give a Little...So You Get a Lot!

It's not about me. It's not about making book sales, or gaining New York Times acclaim. My most recent writing ventures, and successes, are centered on being a disciple. It's about using my time and talents in the way God calls.

But here's the quandary of adopting that attitude in our modern, explicit, 'life by titillation' culture: Many people equate Christian fiction, and sweet, Christian romance in particular, as being dry. Or, worse yet: self-righteous and preachy.

I want to dispel that idea as best I can in my little corner of the universe. How am I doing that? By giving a little, to make a bigger impact. I'm offering a chance to find out, for free, that those perceptions couldn't be farther from the truth. I want to do my part to foster changes in attitude and opinion, because the more inspy fiction I read, the more I enjoy both the quality, and content. These are realistic stories, featuring heros and heroines you can relate to, facing life's challenges wherein sometimes they stumble and fall, yet always, in the end, find the helping hand of God and a richly rewarding love story.

Hearts Crossing, as most of you know, is my debut as a Christian Inspirational author. I'm very proud of this work, and am forever grateful to White Rose Publishing and my gifted editor, Nicola Martinez, for blessing me with the chance to see this story released. Hearts Crossing carries with it a message of love, faith and a redemptive mercy that, to my mind, is desperately needed in today's world.

But I want to put my convictions where my mouth is. Check out the link in my story title and read a brief excerpt, and the blurb. See if it hooks you in. You might also check out the character interview section to find out more about Collin Edwards, the hero of Hearts Crossing. If you're intrigued, then leave me a comment. From there I'll chose someone to receive an autographed print edition. The winner will be announced on Friday, June 11th - so check back in and see if you win!

What have you got to lose? Go ahead and give it a try! After all, like I said, it's not about me, it's about Him. Experience the smart, real, humorous and even heart-tugging way Christian Romance can hook you in, and leave you not just pleasantly surprised by the content, but uplifted and affirmed as well. My bet is you'll be back to White Rose Publishing, and the 'new age' of Christian inspirational romances for even more!

Until next time - Blessings ~