Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm Devoted...Are You?

I'm Devoted.
I'm devoted to the ideal of Christian of marriage--marriage that is a covenant, not just a contract one enters into lightly, and dissolves with ease at the first sign of dissilusionment, pain or....betrayal.
The principals of Christian marriage, when its foundation has been rocked, is what I explore in the pages of my Christian fiction debut, Devotion (releasing October 15th from Harbourlight Books). Here's a bit about the book:
From This Day Forward
Christian Music agent Kellen Rossiter has everything he ever wanted: A-list
clients from coast to coast, a loving wife who honors and respects him, and a
faith life that’s never wavered—until now.
Juliet Rossiter has the perfect life: a rewarding schedule serving the
underprivileged, a husband who loves her as Christ loved the church, and a
blessed future as a mother—at least that's what she thinks.
For Better or Worse
But what happens when their rock-solid marriage begins to crumble under the
weight of an unexpected and powerful temptation? How does love survive when its
foundation is shaken?

'Til Death Do Us Part
When human frailty and the allure of sin deal a harsh blow to their
relationship, it will take more than love to mend the shattered trust and
heartbreak. It will take a lifetime of devotion.

Are you intrigued? I hope and pray that Kellen and Juliet's journey will minister to your heart. Devotion is available for pre-order as a featured title in the Pelican Book Group Fall Preview event. Order it now and you'll receive substantial savings off the cover price, plus, you'll be entered to win a Kindle or Nook. Here's the link: PELICAN BOOK GROUP FALL PREVIEW


  1. I hear ya, Marianne . And I am so eager for your new release. Be wishes, my wonderful friend.

  2. Thanks, Tanya!! I'm grateful you're in my life! :-) God bless!