Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Join me...at the Sweet Treats Bakery

It’s always a bittersweet feeling to say farewell to a wonderfully written series. Such is the case for me today as I shine the Minute with Marianne spotlight on the “Sweet Treat Bakery” series written by award-winning author, Mary Manners.

I’ve gotten to know these characters, watched them live, love and grow. Now, as the curtain pulls closed, there’s a happy sigh for each ‘Happily Ever After,’ and a heart-tug as well.

So, with this week’s release of Mattie’s Meltaways, I thought it as good a time as any to give you snapshots of each book, along with my review of each installment of the series.

First, a bit about my dear friend and very gifted writer, Mary Manners:

Mary Manners is an award-winning author of inspirational romance who lives in the beautiful foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee with her husband and daughter. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and Smoky Mountain Romance Writers.
In her free time, she likes to garden, take long walks with her husband, and read romance novels in a hammock beneath century-old shade trees.

We got together recently—if only through the blessing of cyber-space—to virtual chat, and here are her answers to a few of my ‘getting to know you’ questions!

What inspired you to begin writing?

MM: I cannot remember a time when I didn’t write. My earliest memories are of writing, and I believe I was born weaving tales! I love the written word.

You’ve touched many readers with your wonderful inspirational romances, but what is one of the most meaningful compliments you have received from a reader?

MM: My mother-in-law loves my stories. She was among the first to read Mended Heart and she cried when she told me how much she loved it. It got me crying, too, because she’s one tough cookie when it comes to books.

What are you working on next?

MM: I’m writing a three-book series titled Miracles at Mill’s Landing. Each book tells the story of how the arrival of an unexpected letter alters the life of the person receiving it. Each story is filled with a sprinkle of tears, a bushel of faith, and a bouquet of romance.

I can’t wait to read them! Now, for fun!! How did you and your husband meet? What was it about him that made you know he was “the one”?

MM: My husband and I met at church, during a Wednesday evening meal. He was there with his dad and I was with my mom. We sat together and sparks flew. I knew he was the one when I saw how easily he laughed at himself. He has a great sense of humor, an easy temper, and he loves life.

What’s item #1 on your “Bucket List”?

MM: I want a week at the beach to drink coffee with my husband while watching the sunrise—and not have to rush anywhere.

Where can fans find you on the internet?

MM: My Website is: www.marymannersromance.com
Facebook: Mary Manners, author
Blog: www.creativewritingforces.com
And, you can follow me on Twitter: MaryManners1

As an aside? Mary, Dora Hiers and I will be presenting a workshop at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in April! Beyond the Bodice…Lacing Together Faith and Romance is our topic, and it’s sure to be a great time! Hope to meet some of you in Chicago!! Want to find out more? Here’s a link!

Now, grab a warm beverage—maybe some hazelnut coffee or cinnamon tea, and take a seat at the bistro-style table while we visit the Spencer sisters, and Sweet Treats Bakery!

Book One ~ Kate’s Kisses

Broken dreams…shattered hearts…a special recipe…

Following the tragic, sudden death of her parents, Kate Spencer broke off her engagement from high school sweetheart Logan Daniels, just weeks before their wedding. She chose, instead, to remain in Mount Ridge, Tennessee to raise her younger sisters and help keep the family together. Now, with her sisters grown, she spends her days at family-owned Sweet Treats Bakery, hiding a wounded heart in the sweet confections she creates.

Logan Daniels left town when Kate broke his heart, but now he's come home to claim what he lost four years ago, and he won't stop until he gets what he came for…Kate's kisses.

Marianne’s Review

Kate’s Kisses introduces us to Sweet Treats Bakery, a delectable, cozy-up spot for sweets, coffee, friendship and romance. Kate Spencer runs the shop with her three sisters—and Kate battles back an ocean of pain. The death of her parents and a broken engagement leave her vulnerable, but so real, and still so beautifully spirited. Enter Logan Daniels—the ex-fiancee. He’s back in town for a development project, and the “small-town kid made good” has grown up and matured since the mistake he admits he made in letting Kate go. In fact, he’s out to win her back with complete heart and conviction.

Manners spins a tale of second chances, tender love, and family relationships that touch the soul. I thoroughly enjoyed both her style of writing, and the engaging way the story between Kate and Logan unfolded and bloomed—despite the odds.

Kate’s Kisses is a wonderful kick-off to the series, and I can’t wait for more!


  1. Welcome back to A Minute with Marianne, Mary - and congratulations on the success of all your wonderful books. God's blessing you in huge ways - keep up the great work!!

  2. Mmm mmm good! What a sweet series this is and how sad to see it ending . I can't wait to read the new one!

    Oh how I wish I could see you ladies at RT. God bless! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. Sigh...all of Mary's books are Sweet Treats! The next series, Miracles at Mill's Landing, sounds delightful, too. Congrats, Mary!

    My bucket list? A week of uninterrupted reading time so that I can catch up on Mary's books!

    Great review, Marianne. And I LOVE that countdown button for the RT Booklover's Convention. OH MY STARS! Is it only 77 days away?

  4. :-) Hi, Donna! Thanks for the visit - and we wish you could join us as well!! We'll lift a toast to you, though, to be sure!! God bless!!

  5. Yeah, Dora, that time-clock is both a blessing and a burden...I look at it every once in a while and go into a mini-freak-out, but it's all good!!! LOL!!! Truly can't wait!

    Mary is doing battle with the blogger beast at present, but wanted everyone to know she appreciates the visits and support!! She's on her way! LOL!!

  6. Marianee...whew, I finally made it! Thank you for the wonderful post and review. You are truly an angel here on earth!!! Thank you also to Dora and Donna for stopping by. You guys are awesome. THANK YOU!!!

  7. And my fingers goofed, I'm so excited, MARIANNE!!!

  8. Coming tomorrow, blurb and reivew of Grace's Gold. Stay tuned!

  9. I loved every one of these books!

    Wishing you both the best of God's Blessings!

    Oh and, RT sounds wonderful Mary - hope you & Dora have a blast & sell tons of books!

  10. Thanks, Pam! Our ears must be burning...I was just thinking of you!

  11. I love the blurb for this book. I think I started in the middle of the series and decided to wait till I could read them all. I guess it's time now that the last one is out! Thanks, Mary, for the hours of wonderful reading time...and the great friendship!

  12. Thanks to you, Tanya, for being a constant source of encouragement. You are a wonderful friend!