Friday, May 13, 2011

JoAnn Carter, and Explorations of a Paradox

Welcome to A Minute With Marianne, JoAnn Carter!

JoAnn is a woman I've been blessed to call friend ever since I first heard about White Rose Publishing. She's a multi-published author of inspirational Christian romance, and she has a new release out with Desert Breeze Publishing called Paradox. I can't wait to read it!

For now, though, let me sit back and sip my java while I give you all a chance to meet this lovely lady, and hear even more about her work and where to find her!

JoAnn, the floor is all yours!

This morning while I was lying in bed in the early pre-dawn I heard a bird singing out a beautiful melody. Normally, this would make my heart happy, but then I'd just turn over and try to catch a few more moments of rest. But not today. Today was extra special. Why? Because crazy as this may sound, this little birdie was lifting it's sweet praises in the midst of a thunderstorm. Amazing! God used two rather "ordinary" things to create and extraordinary experience for me—God showed me something awesome and real—a perfect picture of peace.

Thunderclouds rolled in, lighting flashed across the dark gray sky, and rain teamed down the windowpane yet this bird was secure. In fact, it was more than secure, it was full of joy, willing and wanting to sing.

This sends Goosebumps up my spine as I think about it. It's a paradox and truly a God thing. Especially since this word, paradox, has been near and dear to my heart. In fact, I kid you not; this is the very title of the book that I wanted to share with you today. Yet, perhaps paradox is not a word you're familiar with, so let me explain. Paradox is flowers on snow, joy in the midst of trials, compassion for others as your own heart breaks. It's what many of us just celebrated, Easter-- Jesus laying down his life for me, someone sinful and undeserving. It's victory and life born out of death and suffering.

Through this experience, God reminded me that He delights in using those ordinary things to accomplish His marvelous purposes. And that's super news! If He can use Fishermen, tax collectors, birds, and thunderstorms, I know He can use me—a very average, ordinary person to do extraordinary things for Him. Perhaps you're feeling "ordinary" today. Take heart, it's through that very thing that God can show His creativity, His power, and even His love just like He did for me in the midst of this early mornings storm.



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JoAnn Carter writes stories that will encourage your faith through inspirational fiction novels and novellas. She resides in Vermont with her wonderful husband and four children.

JoAnn is available for speaking engagements to book clubs, reader groups, library groups, women's ministries events, school events, and church retreats.

Find her here:

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JoAnn, thanks so much for your visit today - it's been a treat!!

Be sure to pick up a copy of Paradox today @

Watch the trailer here ~


  1. Marianne, you are such a sweetheart. Thanks for your kind words and your support! You are a blessing to me!

  2. I'm back. :) I forgot to mention earlier, that I'm having a release party on my blog this morning from 9-12 (Eastern.) Please feel free to stop by and have some fun!

  3. Congrats on the new release. I love how God uses the simple things to inspire and encourage us.

  4. He's really good at that too, isn't He? :)

  5. It's my pleasure completely, JoAnn - and I've been meaning to say, I love the cover for Paradox! It's beautiful! :-)

  6. Marianne and JoAnn, lovely cover for PARADOX. Best of luck.

  7. I'll post the link on Facebook. I wish you all the best.

  8. Whew and double Whew, JoAnn. You are all over the place today! It's incredibly AWESOME. I loved Paradox, and the cover is just as inspiring. Best wishes to you!

  9. What wonderful comments of support and encouragement! I'm so glad you all took the time to pay a visit and say hello to JoAnn! Follow her along the blog blitz path and good luck in her drawings!!

  10. Marianne, I agree. I wasn't expecting folks to follow from blog to blog. :)What a blessing & encouragement.

    Thanks for the comments on the cover too. I think the artist did a beautiful job as well. I really believe that God delights in creativity.

    I'll stop back in again later.
    For now~

  11. Thanks so much for the chance to win Paradox!

  12. Thanks for stopping by, Anne!

  13. JoAnn, I love the part about the little birdie singing in the thunderstorm. We can relate that to our own lives. God is always there even in the storms.

    Paradox sounds wonderful. God bless you in your writing endeavors.

  14. Hi, Laurean! Isn't JoAnn a delight? Loved that story, too! So glad you dropped by!!! God bless!

  15. Hi, Ann! Thanks for your visit today, and good luck in the drawing! JoAnn's a fantastic writer. :-)