Friday, June 11, 2010

And the Winner Is.....

Mary McCall!

Mary, you've won an autographed, print edition of Hearts Crossing!! Look for an e-mail so we can exchange info!

To those who stopped by, and commented, both here and at the White Roses in Bloom Blog, I thank you for your support and encouragement. Hearing your stories and individual testimonies is a blessing.

Just days after my blog post, I received a completely unexpected but most welcomed Google alert that Long and Short Reviews had given Hearts Crossing a 4.5 Books rating! Amazing, from such a highly respected review site! Furthermore, I'm nominated for "Book of the Week!" Voting Starts Saturday, and I'll be posting links all over the place, so watch for it. I'd love to earn your vote!

Nice thing is, White Rose Publishing has TWO books in contention for Book of the Week at LASR - Hearts Crossing and Nicola Beaumont's fantastic kick-off to the WRP Christian Gothic line, a novella entitled: Into the Grae! I've read it, and it's fantastic. So, in honesty, I don't care who wins, but giving White Rose authors a strong vote of support would be just great.

I want to see the Inspys do well! There's so much hope and love to find out there in the genre of Christian Romance.

Thanks again, gang - and Blessings!


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