Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'll Give a Little...So You Get a Lot!

It's not about me. It's not about making book sales, or gaining New York Times acclaim. My most recent writing ventures, and successes, are centered on being a disciple. It's about using my time and talents in the way God calls.

But here's the quandary of adopting that attitude in our modern, explicit, 'life by titillation' culture: Many people equate Christian fiction, and sweet, Christian romance in particular, as being dry. Or, worse yet: self-righteous and preachy.

I want to dispel that idea as best I can in my little corner of the universe. How am I doing that? By giving a little, to make a bigger impact. I'm offering a chance to find out, for free, that those perceptions couldn't be farther from the truth. I want to do my part to foster changes in attitude and opinion, because the more inspy fiction I read, the more I enjoy both the quality, and content. These are realistic stories, featuring heros and heroines you can relate to, facing life's challenges wherein sometimes they stumble and fall, yet always, in the end, find the helping hand of God and a richly rewarding love story.

Hearts Crossing, as most of you know, is my debut as a Christian Inspirational author. I'm very proud of this work, and am forever grateful to White Rose Publishing and my gifted editor, Nicola Martinez, for blessing me with the chance to see this story released. Hearts Crossing carries with it a message of love, faith and a redemptive mercy that, to my mind, is desperately needed in today's world.

But I want to put my convictions where my mouth is. Check out the link in my story title and read a brief excerpt, and the blurb. See if it hooks you in. You might also check out the character interview section to find out more about Collin Edwards, the hero of Hearts Crossing. If you're intrigued, then leave me a comment. From there I'll chose someone to receive an autographed print edition. The winner will be announced on Friday, June 11th - so check back in and see if you win!

What have you got to lose? Go ahead and give it a try! After all, like I said, it's not about me, it's about Him. Experience the smart, real, humorous and even heart-tugging way Christian Romance can hook you in, and leave you not just pleasantly surprised by the content, but uplifted and affirmed as well. My bet is you'll be back to White Rose Publishing, and the 'new age' of Christian inspirational romances for even more!

Until next time - Blessings ~



  1. Hello Marianne, good words for thought. I am totally in Christian romance mode but I came across one recently (not White Rose of course) that was dreadfully preachy. Fortunately, most that I read do not.

    Hearts Crossing is a wonderful read. I got it first off in pdf, then got the Kindle version for my new "toy" and would love an autographed print copy. Collin is a terrific hero.

    I love your blogspot and all the gadgets. Well done. God bless. oxoxox

  2. Hi Marianne:
    I love both your blog posts today. I started writing mainstream, but never felt quite right about it. Then after my wreck, God said to me (because sometimes He does), "I want you to write good and rightous love stories. Remind people that where two or more are gathered, I'm there too." It was at that point, I knew I would walk and get back fine motor movement despite the dire prognosis from the MDs. God had a purpose. My voice hasn't changed much, but my message has.
    Good for you for putting the News out there.

  3. First I must say that I am new to your blog, referred by a friend who recentely found you as well. I love it!!!

    Then I read about your giveaway and read about your book, "Hearts Crossing." It sounds like a wonderful, heartwrenching story. Losing your faith in the face of a tragedy is just too common these days. Unfortunately I lost my faith for awhile...My mother died of an anuerism six years ago and then four years ago my sister murder my paternal grandfather and went to prison for life. I had been divorsed for years and two years ago found out that my two oldest were being very mistreated by their stepmother everytime they went for a visit (being locked in dogcages and such.) They were terrified to tell me. Cruel and unusual punishment charges have been filed, but that doesn't make anything any better.

    Throughout this whole time, a great friend of mine has listend to me rant and rave, that if there was really a God, none of this would happen. He listened quietly, every now and then making a small remark or sending me a message. Thanks to him sticking it out and not giving up on me, and also the fact that I started reading Inspirational fiction, I have since gotten my faith back and realize that everything happens for a reason, and try to just be as happy as I can be,one day at a time.


  4. Tanya, I know just what you mean! When you come across a book that, rather than telling you a thought provoking, engaging story, seeks to preach from the pulpit, the purpose is defeated. It's off putting. Best of everything to you with the release of Hearts Crossing Ranch! You know I'm pulling big time for that one all the way!!! Can't wait to read it! I'm headed to DC in July to see my DS, and it's going with me! :-)

  5. Mary, your support is awesome, and I'm praying for your peace, healing and joy as you mvoe through the process of recovery. I can relate to your comment, because my 'voice' has changed as well. I used to write secular romance, and have a secular romance coming out in November that's an ode to my Italian grandmother - (and even in my secular works, you find church elements...With This Kiss concludes at a mass service...) but my emphasis now, exclusively, is Christian inspirational. I simply love the genre, and the content and style! Thanks for your visit!

  6. Steph, your story is the one that's heartwrenching. My goodness, the trails you've dealt with. I'm glad you, and your friend, found your way to my blog, and enjoy its content! I feel blessed by your visit. In my worst times I've come to the conclusion that God has big, broad shoulders. He can 'take it.' He understands we hurt, and have anger, and fear and anxiety. He doesn't mind us venting and spewing - so long as we lean on him, and r just wants us to remember to reach out to him, hold on fast, and keep faith in a relationship that is always, always for our ultimate good. Blessings to you!