Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's Child on Tuesday with the Fabulous Clare Revell!

It's always a great day of the week when Clare Revell stops by A Minute with Marianne! Why, you may ask? Because this talented author has crafted a book for each day of the week, based on the retelling of an old nursery rhyme. Tuesday's Child is now on book shelves, so let's find out more!

Clare lives in a small town in England with her husband, whom she married in 1992, and her three children. Writing from a early childhood and encouraged by her teachers, she graduated from rewriting fairy stories through fanfiction to using her own original characters and enjoys writing an eclectic mix of romance, crime fiction and children's stories. When she's not writing, reading, sewing or keeping house or doing the many piles of laundry her children manage to make, she's working part time in the breakfast club at one of the local schools.

She has been a Christian for more than half her life. She goes to Carey Baptist where she is one of three registrars.


Now, it's time to face the firing squad--better known as Marianne the Interviewer...

What inspired you to write this book? What drove its creation?

Tuesday’s Child was inspired by a prompt posted on the WRP blog – a child, a hat and a lightning storm. I’d also been watching a lot of Sue Thomas FBEye and wondered what writing a deaf heroine would be like. I did threaten to wear ear plugs in church, and despite getting Pastor James’s permission I didn’t do it.

What’s a typical writing day like for you?

I wake at midnight usually, get a couple hours in while there are no kids watching the TV. Though that doesn’t always work. Then up again at 6.30am for the day job (term time only). Home again by 9.30am and then write or edit until 3.30pm when the kids get in from school.  The word doc usually stays open til I finally crash about  9pm. I do housework, laundry, cooking etc in between, making sure I get up every half hour or so during the day. 

When did you realize you were called to be a writer?

I’ve always written. Going from rewrites of fairy stories to fan fic to original characters in fan fic to what I do now. If I don’t write the voices in my head are almost overwhelming.

What are you currently reading?

Right now I’m reading Devotion by Marianne Evans. Then it’ll be The Wisdom Tree by Mary Manners.

Aww, Clare, thank you for reading Devotion!!!  ::blush::
What’s item number one on your bucket list?

I’d like to see Niagara Falls. I love waterfalls and went to an amazing one in Scotland in August. I’ve also seen a lovely one in Wales.

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Chocolate ;-)

Me too, me too!!  What's coming up next for you?

Finishing writing Sunday’s Child – the last in the seven book series. Then it’s on to the two WIP’s I have part written in notebooks.  Both set in my fictional town of Headley Cross. One deals with the radio station and the other with a children’s home.

Where and how can folks connect with you?

I’m in several places on line.


Guilty of love in the first degree, a deaf witness who 'sees' the murders and a cop torn between doing his duty and going out in faith.

Tuesday's Child tenders direction...

Deaf from the age of five, Adeline Munroe operates a hospital for injured dolls, but lately her quiet life is disturbed by violent, haunting visions. Perhaps it's just her unspoken fear--a serial killer has struck in Headley Cross. But Adeline soon realizes she's seeing each murder just before they happen and reluctantly contacts the police.

Detective Sergeant Nate Holmes has enough to deal with between caring for his orphaned niece and his current assignment--the Herbalist killings, so when a woman comes forward who claims to be "seeing" the crimes in dreams, he isn't hopeful she'll be of any help. But he knows her from church, and she inexplicably describes how each crime is committed. Is God answering his prayers through Adeline?

Adeline assists the police, yet more women die and she becomes the prime target of the killer. Will Nate crack the case before the Herbalist can complete his agenda--or will the next murder Adeline foresees be her own?


All of Nate’s senses kicked into action, his copper’s antennae twitching.

She knew something, or at least thought she did.

“What is it?”

Adeline sucked her lower lip into her mouth, worrying it with her teeth. “This is going to sound stupid, but…” She took a deep breath. “I saw them. All of them. They all had their hair tied back or up.” She picked up the top clipping. “She was playing on a swing and wearing a red jacket. This one was walking the dog and wearing blue.”

Nate jolted as if he’d been struck by lightning. Those details hadn’t been released. Was he wrong about her? Was she somehow involved with the murders? “Wait  a minute. How did you know any of this?”

Adeline carried on speaking as she shifted through the papers. “She was on her way to dance class in pink. This one was jogging in a gray toweling track suit and the first one…”

Nate put a hand on her arm, cutting her off.

She jerked her head upwards in surprise.

He held her gaze. “How do you know all this?”

"I told you, I saw them.”







Enjoy, friends, and Clare, blessings to you, and much continued success!!


  1. Clare, I'm delighted to have you back on the blog - you're always an awesome guest. Best of everything with the series - it's really won me over!!! Blessings!

  2. Thank you for hosting Clare, Marianne, so we can get to know her a little better. I've interacted with both of you on Facebook and had the honor of reading "Wednesday's Child" for review. Now I HAVE to read the rest of the series!

    Clare, when you make it over here to see Niagra Falls, I'd love to arrange a meeting. Maybe I could even set up a book signing (or two) for you? :D I'm in MA, so not really near Niagra - though much closer than you are! Also, when I *finally* get to do my "grand tour" of UK/Ireland (the list of places to visit keeps growing), I hope to drop by Headley Cross (hee hee) :-)

    Blessings to both of you on your wonderful novels,

  3. I'm still so impressed with Clare for coming up with an idea that garnered a 7-book contract! UH-MAY-ZING!

    Clare, when you get to come see Niagara Falls, you're going to have FIFTY of your writer friends clamoring for your company. Including me, of course! :D

    I hope you sell a million copies of every single child of the week!

  4. What a great idea for a series. Sad to say this is the first I heard of them. I run a small community library and have a table set up for promoting authors promo items and would love to promote yours..then I too will be able to know what is going on. ha ha If you care to share items here's my address: Sue Leech, 1273 Strahan rd., New Columbia, PA 17856. Keep writing and best of luck with the books. Need a reviewer? I have done several reviews and love to do one for you in the future. Keep my address handy and as you get new materials and new books I will promote those as well. Bestest Sue

  5. Thank you so much for having me here, Marianne. I love being here.

    Tammy - Will take you up on meeting up. And I actually live in the real Headley Cross ;-)

    Delia - I still have trouble believing it too. When I suggested it to Nicola I never dreamed she'd agree to all of them. And yes it'll be a Grand meeting at the waterfall.

    Susan - thank you. I shall bear that in mind. Wish my own local library was as kind. The one book i donated went straight in the bargain bin!!!

  6. I wish you much success, Clare! I am eager to spend a lot of time in Headley Cross when I can find the time. The book sounds absolutely breathless!

  7. Very nice interview, ladies, and what a great series, Clare. I love them so far! Your characters are precious and you have a great touch for suspense!

  8. Hello! Just stopping in for a friendly hello.

    This was a very enjoyable story.

  9. Lovely interview. I saw Niagara Falls a year and a half ago for the first time and it was wonderful! I hope you get to go.